We collaborate with our clients on bespoke projects.

Our model, based on the key indicators of the Pharmaceutical Industry, is synthesized in a Product Scoring Matrix in terms of Opportunity and Investment Effort..

Taking into account the significant importance of Access for Pharmaceutical products, we developed specific services:

  • Identification and Stakeholders Mapping.
  • Detection of Drivers and Barriers.
  • Support in the introduction process trough the direct contact with Stakeholders.

Specific projects of information gathering, and customized in-house programs.. Competitor analysis, threat detection, early alerts systems, screening of potential partners.

Ask us, we can help you in your next strategic step.

How many Sale Reps does your product need? Which geographic regions should be called in?
We help to decide it by our methodology that adapts to each client needs, considering all the variables such as prescribers, calling strategy , physicians population, population and descriptive socio-economic variables.

Our models, modular and flexible, adaptable to each company guidelines and scope, can be rapidly implemented and have proved to be effective to contribute to Sales Force motivation.

Based on the company geographic distribution, the target market and the marketing strategy, we define the target clients through the analysis of relevant information.

Using our own methodology, we quickly estimate the market size for products that do not have data on retail audits.

In a strategic alliance with Qualia, we provide Market Audits for products with no data in traditional pharma audits, such as Oncology, Onco-hematology, Rheumatoid arthritis, Hepatitis.

This new service, based on the extraction and analysis of Import and Export data, provides information about products, markets, clinical studies and is customized for each client. Available for Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Ecuador and Brazil.

We develop exclusive models for each customer making easy to use the data from specific Farma Market Audit (IMS, Close Up, DDD and others).

Qualitative and Quantitative, face to face and Online, One shot or Tracking, Professionals and Consumers. Based on our experience we asses on the best alternative according to your objectives. We conduct your Market research with expert quality.

Supported by certified instructors, we are pioneers in Pharma in the use of this innovative methodology, useful for designing strategies, review of processes, development of products and services, and many other fields.